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We have a professional agents to guarantee a timely shipping service. Plus, you can count on our team to support you 24/7 during the whole process.
We are ready to help in case an issue occurs. KeepMoving Logistics is having a professional drivers who have proved themselves to be reliable and experienced to complete even the most complex job.
We will never omit details regarding price rates, dates, and other important. We have long lasting relationships with our drivers who have 5-star review ratings.
Lastly, we are 100% committed to our customers and partners. Whenever you need professional shipping services, KeepMoving Logistics is here to help.
We offer 24/7 phone, e-mail, live chat and message assistance.

KeepMoving Logistics is licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our MC# is 1503887 and DOT# is 4001271.

The goal of KeepMoving Logistics is to make transporting a car as easy and stress-free as possible. We make every effort to make the process simple, from our user-friendly website to our skilled customer support assistance. Additionally, we offer upfront, accurate prices so that you are aware of the price right away, saving you both time and money.

The level of security your vehicle will receive makes up the majority of the difference between an open and covered transport carrier. While an enclosed carrier offers additional protection from the wind, rain, snow, filth, etc., an open carrier is often less expensive and exposes your vehicle to the elements while in travel. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that not all carriers have choices for enclosed travel. We provide both at KeepMoving Logistics so you may select the one that best suits your requirements.

The procedure is easy to understand. You must first submit a quote request on our website. You’ll be asked for details regarding your vehicle and your intended location. As soon as we get your request for a quote, we will start working on scheduling a shipment for your vehicle which must be affordable. For your convenience, we will also provide you an anticipated transit time so you can plan for when your vehicle will get there. Once you agree to the price, our staff will proceed to reserve the transportation for you. Throughout the entire procedure, we’ll make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We advise you to visit our Help Center Page before placing your order with KeepMoving Logistics. You can find advice on this page about examining your car before shipping it, selecting the best mode of transportation for your requirements and other suggestions to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Before placing an order, we also advise clients to read our terms and conditions for better understanding the whole process and avoid any surprises at the last moment.

Not to worry! Our knowledgeable crew has got your back. You don’t need to know the precise address using KeepMoving Logistics in order to receive a quote. All we need is a zip code, city, or state from you, and we’ll take care of the rest. Additionally, our customer support team is ready 24/7 to assist you if you ever have any questions or issues along the road.

From cars and trucks to boats, motorbikes, RVs, trailers, and more, we can export any kind of vehicle. Together, you and our skilled staff will identify an affordable shipping solution. We’ll assist you in quickly transporting your vehicle securely and safely to its location.

We at KeepMoving Logistics are aware that plans might change and that life can be unpredictable. We make every effort to work with cancellations and provide full refunds where necessary. Naturally, the longer you wait to cancel, the greater the chance that you won’t receive a full refund. Therefore, In order to get a full refund you are suppose to cancel the order 48 hours or 2 business days prior to the pick up date as we make arrangements and reserve a slot on the trailer for your vehicle and this act stop us from accepting other orders.

Yes! We provide prompt, cost-effective services from beginning to end for our customers that require vehicle transportation to a port. We will help you with all of your documentation and guarantee that you receive the most affordable shipping rates to any port in the world. Let us handle every last detail so you can concentrate on what really matters.

For reservation you would need to share exact pick up and delivery address and names and phone numbers of contact person who is going to be on pick up and delivery and first available pick up date.
To make a reservation you are suppose to pay the initial deposit which depends on the total amount of shipment.
Balance is due on delivery and you can pay it with cash, cashier’s check or money order to a driver directly.

Yes, it is crucial to get your car ready for collection. Check your car for any prior damage, and document any current damage with images. Before handing it off, make sure the fuel tank is no more than a quarter full and wash the exterior. Last but not least, is there an alarm system on your car? Any alarms must be turned off to ensure safe transportation. Be sure to take out any toll booths as well.

Depending on your needs, we have a number of solutions. The most common and cost-effective choice for both dealerships and private vehicles is open carriers. We also provide transportation services in enclosed trailers, which provide the highest level of security, for high-value, vintage, or exotic vehicles. Request a quotation to learn more about your alternatives and speak with your dedicated KeepMoving Logistics advisor for a free consultation with no commitments.

Though a lot varies on the season and the route, the typical transit schedule is as follows:
500 Miles or less: 1 day
500–1000 Miles: 1-2 days
1000-1500 Miles: 2-3 days
1500-2000 Miles: 3-5 days
2000-2500 Miles: 4-6 days
2500-3000 Miles: 5-7 days
3000-3500 Miles: 6-8 days
3500 Miles or above: 8-10 days

Absolutely, We can arrange transportation on a truck with a winch for non-operational autos. To load your vehicle into ordinary carriers, you would still need it to be able to roll, steer, and brake. You can either make your own arrangements for a forklift if one is required to load or unload your automobile, or you can pay extra to have one delivered for you.

We recommend that you schedule your move as soon as possible to insure that your vehicle is moved within the time frame which best meets you schedule.
Usually, we are able to have a truck assigned and on its way to pick-up your vehicle 1 to 5 days from the date the vehicle is first available for pick-up.
If your vehicle is available for immediate pick-up, we will work with you on getting your vehicle scheduled as close to the preferred date as possible.
It is helpful when transportation orders are submitted approximately 5 days in advance of the available date. Scheduling your vehicle transportation in advance is helpful but it isn’t always necessary.

Drivers are not allowed to accept credit cards or person checks on delivery. If you have an outstanding balance that is due on delivery, please make sure that you have cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

No, the quote is all inclusive. It covers door to door service, full bumper to bumper insurance, all tax and tolls paid, and personal belongings up to 100 Lbs free of charge.

Door-to-door transport shipping is when the carrier picks up the shipment at the specified location and delivers it to the final destination.
Terminal-to-terminal transport shipping is when the carrier picks up the shipment at a terminal location and delivers it to another terminal location, where the customer will then pick it up from

We offer different methods of payment. The most common way to pay includes credit or debit card.
Once the customer will place the order with us, clients pay a partial fee that varies from 10% to 20% of the whole bill. The due balance is paid in full upon delivery.
You can also pay the remaining balance once your vehicle has been picked up. That way you won’t have to worry about the payment on delivery.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. You can also pay via PayPal, Zelle, CashApp and Venmo.

The main factor affecting pick-up time is location. If your vehicle has to be picked up from a big metropolitan area, your auto will usually be picked up on the exact date you need it to be picked up.
Keep in mind that sometimes delays might occur due to weather, traffic, and road conditions. If your vehicle has to be picked up from a more rural area, it might take 2 or more days to be picked up.

Absolutely not. KeepMoving Logistics makes sure that your vehicle is delivered on the same truck that it has been loaded on.
The only time your vehicle might be delivered by another truck is if the truck that had picked up your vehicle has broken down on a route and KeepMoving Logistics arrange a replacement to complete your job on time.

Most drivers will load your vehicle wherever they think it is safe. Truckers have to deal with multiple factors when it comes down to loading your vehicle.
They have to make sure that they fit all cars properly, so that they don’t exceed the permitted length of the truck, and they also need to make sure that they follow all federal laws, and there is no overweight on any of the axles.

You can have personal belongings up to 100 lbs free of charge, and it has to be placed in the trunk or back compartment of your vehicle.
If you want to place more than 100 Lbs, it would be costing additional, and it has to be in front or back seat of the car below window level, it cannot be nothing heavy and driver seat always must be empty.
Personal belongings inside your vehicle will not be insured.

Yes, we provide full bumper to bumper insurance which means that your vehicle is insured for at least $250.000 damage of any kind for open trailer transport, and $1 Million for enclosed trailer.
That includes tiny little scratch, total damage, theft, fire. Your vehicle is fully insured as long as it’s on our trailer.

If you receive your vehicle and notice that there is a damage, you must immediately note it on the bill of lading. Next, call KeepMoving Logistics to report the damage.
It will be very helpful for us to be aware of this new damage right away, so that we could resolve the issues as fast as possible.
Make sure that driver does not leave without you reporting the damage on the bill of lading and the driver signing it.

We will ask you to submit both, bills of lading along with three estimates from an authorized repair shops. We will facilitate the arbitration and provide you with the best possible assistance to fulfil you loss.

We do require someone to be present for the pickup and delivery process. Either you or anyone you authorize can be present to sign the Bill of Landing and observe our driver’s vehicle inspection.
Once the inspection is complete and the Bill of Landing is signed, you may leave.

You can arrange to have a family member, a friend or a co-worker to be present on pick-up or delivery date. However, it is crucial that they are well informed about the inspection that is performed upon loading/unloading.
The person who is shipping the vehicle must sign the bill of lading, where the condition of your vehicle is noted.
If another person is receiving your vehicle, then they must be informed that they need to do a thorough inspection on delivery and confirm that vehicle has been delivered at same condition as it has been loaded.
If there are any damages, the person receiving the car must note them on the same bill of landing.

You only need to provide the keys to the driver. Your title and insurance are not needed.
You only need to sign off your vehicle that it has been picked up on the bill of lading, and then your vehicle will be on the way to its drop-off destination.

If your car should be picked up from the auction, we will require info about the company name and address, VIN, Lot and Buyer’s number prior the pick up date.

KeepMoving Logistics will provide you with the name and phone number of the driver as soon as a driver has been assigned. The driver will contact you 24 hours prior to the pickup, and again one hour before the pick-up on the move day.
Once the driver arrives at your location, he will do an inspection on your vehicle and you will need to sign the bill of lading.
Finally, the driver loads your vehicle and then, he leaves your place.

Yes, but the exact condition must be noted at the time you place your order. If your vehicle is not operable, an inoperable fee of approximately $150 will be added to the transport cost.
Please, make sure that you inform us ahead of time if your vehicle is inoperable, so that we can assign the right driver to ship your vehicle.

We will provide you with information including estimated pickup and delivery times. Also, we will provide you with drivers name and phone number so you can give the driver a call directly.
If he is busy and he is not able to answer, please give KeepMoving Logistics a call at (727) 472-8600 or you can drop an email at info@keepmovinglogistics.net and we will be able to assist you on a priority.

Please remove your E-Z Pass or any other electronic toll collection mechanism from your vehicle entirely and mail it to your destination or bring it with you.
Due to the nature of the automated toll road systems, if your device is left in your car as it is transported, you will incur toll fees as if you were driving the vehicle.
KeepMoving Logistics will not take responsibility for this avoidable expense.

We are working as brokers and carriers. So, KeepMoving Logistics don’t charge broker fees like other companies are charging from the customers that’s why our company is one of the best company in the US.

Most customers shipping a car, van, SUV, or light truck won’t have any problems finding an auto transport company.
But if the vehicle you want to ship is exceptionally valuable (like a race car or an antique car), oversized or heavily modified, or totaled after an accident, special equipment may be necessary to ship it.
Not all car shipping companies have specialized towing and loading equipment, so if there’s anything unusual about the vehicle you want to ship, make sure to ask if the company can handle it safely before you book.

A bill of lading is a document that serves as a contract between the customer and the shipping company.
It includes details such as the type and quantity of items being shipped, the pick-up and delivery locations, and the agreed-upon price.
It is important because it serves as proof of shipment and provides evidence of the terms of the contract in case of any disputes.

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