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Enclosed vs Open Trailers

What distinguishes open from enclosed trailers? You may be able to select between these two trailer types depending on the Auto Shipping firm you hire. We’ll go over some of the fundamental distinctions between open-air and enclosed trailers, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Enclosed Trailers

An enclosed trailer has four walls, a floor, and a roof. These trailers offer your vehicle the safest and most secure environment possible, providing total protection from trash and the elements. There are fewer of these trailers, and the places are more expensive.

Open Trailers

An Open Trailer, the most popular form of shipping a vehicle, is the simplest to arrange and the least expensive choice. The open-air trailer exposes your vehicle to the elements at all times while in transit because it has no sides or a roof.

The advantages and disadvantages of enclosed trailers


Maximum Protection: Because it provides the highest level of security, this is the finest option to move valuable, opulent, or historic vehicles.

White Glove Service: Businesses that specialise in enclosed shipping have better knowledge of handling priceless autos. Better tracking and insurance choices may result in better customer service.


Expensive: This mode of transportation is priced at a premium rate due to the rarity of these trailers (only 10% of the nation’s Carrier capacity). Be advised that it can cost up to 60% more than substitutes.
Longer Travel Time: It takes longer to fill a load for a single route because there are fewer and less-in-demand trailers. This often results in a longer shipping period overall.
Less Gasoline Efficient: Enclosed transportation uses more fuel and is, therefore, more expensive because of its heavier weight and increased wind resistance.

The benefits and drawbacks of open-air trailers


Trusted Option: Open trailers are a safe alternative even though they don’t offer the same level of security as an enclosed trailer. Drivers are well-trained in careful vehicle management, and cars are securely fastened.
Quicker to Reserve: Open-air carriers provide faster shipping services because there are so many available trailers. The open trailer is by far the simplest to plan in a short amount of time for orders with short notice or express orders.
Most Vehicles Can Fit: A normal trailer has two levers and can be up to 80 feet long. These trailers can accommodate unusual automobiles more easily.
Higher Capacity: An open-air carrier can hold 8 to 10 cars in a single haul if you need to transport many cars.


Less Protection: There is little weather or debris protection with this delivery method.
Higher Probability of Damage: As a result of the reduced level of protection, an open-air trailer increases the risk of vehicle damage.

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