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What Paperwork Is Necessary to Ship My Car?

When having your car shipped, there are only two documents that you will always need. However, we’ll go through the most common sorts you might encounter along your transit adventure, explain what they’re used for, and let you know when you might require them.

Copy of the insurance policy

Although the Transport Carrier needs insurance to ship your automobile, you as the consumer often do not. You should confirm the transporter is suitably insured because the coverage amounts may differ. Additionally, you might want to make sure you are aware of all the terms and conditions that can be relevant to when and how your car will be covered during shipping.

Lienholder Permission

Before having your vehicle exported from a maritime port, your financial institution or lienholder will ask you to seek formal authorization if you’re still making payments on a vehicle loan. A letter from the lienholder granting you permission to have the vehicle moved is necessary if you are transporting your car to or from Hawaii.

Absence of Owner Consent

Only if your vehicle is being exported through a port will this document be necessary. If you wish to give someone else permission to pick up your car at the destination port instead of you, you will need this.

Registration and Title

Although the majority of businesses do not require these documents, you might want to confirm with your carrier before collection. The title certifies who is the rightful owner of the car, and the registration certifies that your car has been duly registered in your state.

Evidence of Insurance

Rarely is a customer needed to obtain personal insurance for their vehicle in order to ship their vehicle. However, not every shipping company will have sufficient insurance for the kind of vehicle you have. You might want to investigate additional shipping coverage options from your own insurance provider in these circumstances.

Photo ID

Rarely is a photo ID required before shipping a vehicle. However, certain shipping businesses may demand a copy of your driver’s licence if you insist on payment methods that are not permitted by the business.


Even while the majority of businesses won’t need all of the aforementioned documents from you, it’s always advisable to ask what papers you might need to gather before shipping. To make sure everything is current and to give yourself enough time to get in touch with your lienholder, if necessary, we advise finding your papers early in the process.

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